This was almost one of my first totally custom builds. I built this one for my best friends step father. This computer has had everyone looking at computers differently now. I have been asked many times to do one exactly like it and I really don't want too because that wouldn't make it a one of a kind computer. Tim really loves his computer and everyone has told me how fast it is and can't believe it's size.

   Okay now for the breakdown of the computer and all of it's specs. See what you think about it.

Now to tell about the mods. that I did the whole computer. It only took me a few days to build this tough machine most time was waiting on the parts.

Now to talk about the total system itself. I installed all my usual programs on the computer for Tim. I also brought over my external 80 GB hard drive and let him download almost all my music so he could have his MP3 library in great shape. I also bought him a black Logitech keyboard and also a black optical wireless mouse. Now for the best part a 19 inch black flat screen crt monitor from IBM. That really made the system look complete.

    Just click on the thumbnails below to see bigger pictures. Thanks for looking at my custom build  Wiley aka. RL Burnside.