This Page is about my Volkswagen Golf. I have put a lot of time and as you can see $$$ into this vehicle. I have taken it to a few local car shows and had a lot of people comment on it. This car will get you noticed believe me. I will put a list of upgrades that I have put on the car. Believe me this vehicle will never be duplicated. Check it out.

  1. Neuspeed Billet Strut Bearing Cap
  2. Neuspeed Billet Dipstick Cap
  3. Neuspeed Billet Oil Cap Cover
  4. Neuspeed Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  5. Neuspeed Spark Plug Wires
  6. Neuspeed Engine Management Upgrade
  7. Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intake System
  8. Neuspeed Beru Ultra X Spark Plug
  9. Neuspeed Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust
  10. Wings West 2-DR G-Spec Kit W/7Pc Extreme Fender Flares
  11. Wings West G-Spec Midwing
  12. Wings West G-Spec Roof Wing
  13. BBS RC 18x7.5 Wheels    Link 2 for BBS
  14. Volkswagen Side Marker Lens
  15. Volkswagen Floor Mats
  16. BMW Angel-Eyes Headlights
  17. Alteza Clear Brake Lights
  18. ABT Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  19. Windows Tinted Limo on the back 3 and 2 front are legal limit with a limo strip in front


Pictures below are a pretty big so watch it. Most are 2.8 MB