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What I have for auction today is a IBM T42P laptop computer. Pretty good little computer and does pretty good for it's age. It's a good sturdy piece of equipment, well it feels that way, it weighs a ton compared to other computers I've been using. Yes it's constructed out of a lot of metal instead of the cheesy plastic that a lot of computers use. Below are the specs of this computer and also use GOOGLE and see what you read about it. Just take a look at the pictures below and see what you are getting. It's a used computer so please keep that in mind when buying this computer. It does have scratches on the lid and sticker residue on the lid. Good computer for your little one or just for something to take on the road for you it can handle a beating and keeps it's cool while doing it.

  I have tested this computer and have ran it with no issues. The only thing I'm not sure about is how long the battery will hold a charge. It does come with the extra battery to replace the CD rom drive. But I can't guarantee the battery life on this at all Windows says it charged to 99%, but who knows. Here is another one just like the one I have listed in another auction but this has 128Mb of video memory and the battery has a crack in the corner. Check out the pictures below to see what you are getting in this auction.


IBM T42P  Specs and Configuration Options















Now that you have seen all the pictures of what you'll be getting just scroll back up and hit Buy It Now!!!! Good laptop for the price.



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Terms of my auction:

  1. Feedback is important! So that being said, I will leave feedback for winning bidder as soon as the same is done for me

  2. I use a digital scale here at my house to weigh all items. So shipping cost is the REAL cost and not some made up cost.

  3. I try to represent all my items in a truthful manner.

  4. I will ship out all items as soon as I receive payment from the winning bidder.

  5. I prefer Pay Pal but will work with winning bidder on all other forms of payment.

  6. I only ship within the United States, no exceptions so please don't ask.

  7. I use the United States Postal Service for the majority of my shipping.

  8. All items on my auctions are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated.

  9. Also I do have three pet cats that live within my house, so there might be some kind of allergy. (for those allergic to cats)

  10. As always GOOD LUCK and HAPPY BIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!