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This auction will be used towards saving Forrest. He is a 10 month old kitten with ear polyps in both ears. He started out in this life bad so I'm trying to give him a fighting chance. I found him in the middle of a busy highway on the way home from work one morning. Someone had a litter of kittens and wanted to get rid of them so they took and threw them out the car window while driving down the road. Forrest is the only kitten that I found alive that morning his other brothers & sisters where already dead when I found him. Yes I contacted the police but there was nothing they could do. So hopefully everyone will help me out. His surgery is going to cost me $2,900 and I personally don't have that kind of money. So I'm going to start a bunch of auctions to do some spring cleaning around my house. Everything I'm going to sell will go 100% towards his medical bills. Hopefully I will raise enough money this way or I might have to put him down if he starts to suffer to much. SO PLEASE help Forrest out.

If you need proof of his condition I will be putting a copy of his vet estimation up. You can even contact the vet if you want.

Update: I have raised $540.36 so far for his surgery. This is great but I need your help. There is now blood coming out of his right ear daily he doesn't seem to be suffering too much so. I'll keep him going. If you know someone that can help me out give them a holler.


Donations can be made www.rlburnside.net click on the donate button using PAYPAL.


This one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band Songs.

Terms of my auction:

  1. Feedback is important! So that being said, I will leave feedback for winning bidder as soon as the same is done for me

  2. I use a digital scale here at my house to weigh all items. So shipping cost is the REAL cost and not some made up cost.

  3. I try to represent all my items in a truthful manner and expect the buyer to truthful also. (common courtesy)

  4. I will ship out all items as soon as I receive payment from the winning bidder.

  5. I prefer Pay Pal but will work with winning bidder on all other forms of payment.

  6. I only ship within the continental Unites States, no exceptions so please don't ask.

  7. I use the United States Postal Service for the majority of my shipping.

  8. All items on my auctions are sold "AS IS" unless otherwise stated.

  9. Also I do have two pet cats that live within my house, so there might be some kind of allergy. (for those allergic to cats)

  10. As always GOOD LUCK and HAPPY BIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!